The most crucial aspect of your appearance according to 99% of adults? Your smile!

You know how you feel when you wear your favorite jeans and you know they look great on you? Or how you feel when you get your hair cut and it comes out just right? That’s how a bright, healthy smile makes you feel every day.

Having straight, white teeth is a confidence-builder, especially knowing nearly 30 percent of people say a smile is the first part of a person’s face they notice. And just like that favorite jeans, your confident smile can make you feel you’re ready to take on the world.

In fact, according to a recent Kelton Research study, 99.7% of adults believe that having a straight, beautiful smile is a crucial asset for social situations. When your teeth are straight, you naturally have more confidence smiling in any type of interaction and don’t have to worry about making a poor impression due to misaligned or crooked teeth.

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1. Confidence leads to success. Feeling good about your smile — and yourself — can give you that extra boost of faith in what you bring to the table. That extra boost is the reason those with straighter smiles are statistically more likely to earn more money in their careers. And more than 50 percent of these people believe that someone who has teeth that are crooked would be less likely to get a job when competing with a person who has similar experience and a similar skill set. Additional statistics indicate that people with straight teeth are perceived by Americans to be 58 percent more likely to be successful and wealthy.

2. Confidence is attractive. It can also make a difference in your personal life. Did you know, based on findings from the Kelton Research study, two in every five Americans don’t go on another date with a person who has teeth that aren’t straight? Not too surprising, considering 29 percent of Americans agree that the first part of a person’s face they notice is their teeth, and 24 percent agree that this is the aspect that is most remembered.

3. It’s healthier. Of course, having a healthy smile isn’t just about appearances. Healthy teeth and gums can also influence — and reflect — your health. For example, when your teeth are straight, you are much less likely to suffer from gum disease, and it’s easier to thoroughly clean your teeth when you brush and floss.

Information related to gum disease has been linked to several other conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. When your bite is straight and properly aligned, it’s much easier to clean and care for your teeth, as well as help you eat and chew properly, helping to reduce gastrointestinal issues.

So this means that when you have a straight smile, you are more likely to get a job, a date, and be successful in social and professional situations. If you’re one of the 42 percent of Americans who say their smile is the first thing they’d change about themselves, maybe it’s time to take action.


OrthoSouth can help.  The Smile Experts at Ortho South can help you get started right away with a free consultation. They will talk with you about your goals and desired timeline and help you make the choice that best suits your orthodontic needs.

The Invisalign alternative

While traditional braces are always an option, many adults prefer Invisalign Clear aligners or clear braces for the maximum level of comfort, convenience and confidence. In addition to refreshing your smile, Invisalign is virtually invisible — as the name implies — so no one needs to know. And this cutting-edge approach to treatment has a significant, positive impact on how you look and feel about yourself, but almost no interference in how you live.

How Invisalign works

Invisalign® is a modern approach to straightening teeth. A series of smooth, comfortable, custom made aligners are created just for you to wear over your teeth. The aligners gradually and gently shift your teeth into place, based on the exact movements the Smile Experts have planned out for you.

Simply pop in a new set of aligners every week until your treatment is complete. Straight teeth without braces is something more and more people are choosing. The best part is that most people won’t even know you are straightening your teeth!

When you’re ready to make a change that will impact your confidence — even more than a new haircut — consider making a change that can last a lifetime. An investment in your smile, and your dental health, is an investment in your personal life, your professional success, and your overall health.

For more information about how a straight smile can send your confidence to new heights, contact the Smile Experts at Ortho South.

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