Once upon a time, the only way to correct a less-than-perfect smile was with traditional braces. The metal brackets, the rubber bands, the difficulty brushing and flossing, maybe even some headgear. Now Invisalign offers the same orthodontic correction by way of nearly invisible, removable trays. It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Almost like a fairy tale.

But the fact is, Invisalign really can be a great alternative for adults who don’t want the hassle — not to mention the aesthetics — of traditional braces. If you’ve considered improving your smile, you’ve probably considered the virtually invisible aligners as a better option than a mouth full of metal. With so many myths surrounding this relatively new treatment option, though, you may be a little reluctant.

If one of these common misconceptions is holding you back, take a minute to get the facts.

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1. Invisalign costs much more than traditional braces. While at most orthodontic offices, the cost of Invisalign treatment is more than traditional braces, at Ortho South this is certainly not the case. In fact, at Ortho South, Invisalign, metal braces, and clear braces all cost exactly the same. So, the real decision is what works best for your specific treatment needs, rather than cost.

2. Invisalign takes longer than traditional braces. Of course, there are some orthodontic problems that are more efficiently and effectively treated with traditional braces. In fact, in most cases, treatment time with traditional braces takes about 25% longer than Invisalign.

3. Treatment results with Invisalign are not as good as traditional braces. Again, there are some orthodontic problems that are better suited to a traditional treatment plan using braces. However, at Ortho South, Invisalign is almost always an option—even in more difficult situations. If Dr. Boggan recommends Invisalign for you, you can rest assured that the results will be as good as with traditional braces. As a premier Invisalign orthodontist, Dr. Boggan has the experience and expertise you’ll want as you pursue your gorgeous new smile.

4. Invisalign can’t correct severe orthodontic problems. In fact, Dr. Boggan at Ortho South is proud to offer Invisalign treatment to virtually all of his patients, including those with severe crowding that requires jaw surgery and/or removal of teeth or severe “overbites.” He is the most experienced Invisalign provider in the state of Alabama, making him comfortable treating an array of difficult cases.

5. Invisalign trays make you talk funny. Actually, they don’t. Most people don’t have any problem speaking normally with aligners. Some people might experience a slight lisp that disappears within a couple of days. The key to success is keeping the aligners in and talking with them in. After all, practice makes perfect.

6. Insurance won’t cover Invisalign. Insurance criteria for orthodontic treatments — whether traditional braces or Invisalign — is exactly the same. So, if your current dental insurance will cover braces, it will also cover Invisalign. Ortho South will be happy to meet with you for a free consultation before beginning treatment, to review your overall investment as well as insurance coverage.

7. Invisalign is only for adults. Many orthodontists offer Invisalign to all of their orthodontic patients. Patients as young as 7 years old have been treated with much success. The most important key to successful treatment is full-time wear of the aligners. This is an ability that doesn’t appear to be age dependent. Some people do well with a removable appliance and some do not.

8. One orthodontist/dentist is as good as another when it comes to Invisalign. Not so. There is actually a wide variation in the level of knowledge and experience of Invisalign among orthodontists and dentists. The techniques and knowledge of orthodontists that have been using Invisalign long-term has grown by leaps and bounds. As with any new treatment, there are many orthodontists that have been slow to adopt Invisalign treatment into their practices, while others have adopted it wholeheartedly as a routine part of their practice. Ortho South certainly has certainly made it part of their core services, as they are proud to be the most experienced Invisalign provider in the state of Alabama.

9. I can just order clear aligners online and skip the orthodontist entirely. While this one is technically true, it is definitely best to put the long-term health of your teeth in the hands of a professional. By working with an orthodontist, you will have someone nearby to handle any necessary adjustments, answer questions, and monitor your progress to ensure you get the results you want. After all, aren’t our teeth too important to leave to an online order?

These are just a few of the more common myths that surround Invisalign as an orthodontic treatment. Before you begin any treatment plan, you should schedule a consultation with an orthodontist you trust who is experienced in Invisalign treatments, so you can have all your questions answers and your concerns addressed.

Of course, Invisalign isn’t a perfect option for everyone, but don’t let these common misconceptions keep you from a radiant smile. Talk to the Invisalign professionals at Ortho South to have your questions answered and decide if Invisalign is right for you.

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