MoVeD for Haiti - Medical, Vision and Dental. Ortho South. Birmingham AL

Dr. Brandon Boggan and Ortho South have teamed up with three organizations to help provide medical, vision and dental care for about 1,500 vulnerable or orphaned children in Haiti. More importantly, we get to share the good news of Jesus Christ with them. Jesus is at the heart of our trips to Haiti. We have fallen in love with the people of Haiti! It is our joy to serve and love them! But, we always receive more  than we give. Our blessing is certainly multiplied back to us many fold by the LORD and by our Haitian friends. Despite their situation (living in the poorest country in the western hemisphere and being the third most hopeless country in the world), the people there are happy, friendly and loving.

Dr. Boggan is a board member of an organization called Altar84, an organization founded by our dear friends Shawn and Polly Bice and Eric and Jodie Frye. Pastor Johnny Grimes, a fellow board member of Altar 84, has spear-headed and led every mission trip. It is our vision to KNOW MORE ORPHANS until there are NO MORE ORPHANS. We have partnered with another organization called the Haiti Collective (led by Tim Brister and Chuck Towne). Together we have connected with the Haitian Director of SCH (Society of Christian Haitians), Pastor Odanis Joseph. The SCH live, work and preach the gospel in Haiti full time. They take care of housing, educating, cooking, and loving on these kids and telling them about Jesus. The Haiti Collective is involved in a lot of different initiatives in Haiti, providing food, clean water and education. Altar 84 provides medical, vision and dental care.

Dr Boggan of Ortho South and Emma in Haiti to provide Help and Hope to Haiti


Dr. Boggan and his daughter, Emma, have been on four mission trips to Haiti so far. Altar 84 plans two trips each year and The Haiti Collective plans many trips throughout the year. The next trips will be in August and in October. 

We have entered into discussions with mPower and we love their approach to come alongside people and love them in tangible ways. Their graduates share the gospel as they serve their communities through dental care, dental hygiene, vision, sewing, leadership development, pastor training, wound care and basic medial skills. It’s a way to transfer skills to transform their communities. We plan to partner with mPower and Dr. Richard Baxter (a pediatric dentist in Pelham). Dr. Baxter has been trained in the mPower Approach and plans to join us on future mission trips to help us train local leaders!

Emma in Haiti along with MoVeD to provide Help and Hope to Haiti


Moved for Haiti - How you can help the Haiti MoVeD partnership and give Help and Hope to those in Haiti. Pray Give Go.



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